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Katibriah Hills.

Who is this person?

I have been told that what I had written here before didn’t offer much about me. So I am going to give this another try. I hope this is a bit more satisfactory. 🙂

I have been married for 21 years to a wonderful man and I have three beautiful children whom we have chosen to school at home. Over the past few years, I have come to enjoy creating stories for my family and (with encouragement from my husband and kids) have chosen to share them with any who want to enjoy a simple adventure.

You want more than that? Well, let me go back a bit and share with you, briefly, about my love for a good story.

I love stories; telling them, hearing them, reading them, writing them. True stories, fictional stories, funny stories, and sometimes sad stories. All stories, show how people deal with what life throws at them and what piques my interest. A good story became an escape whenever my heart began to hurt. When my feelings were hurt, I would sink into a book. When life didn’t make sense, I would sink into a book. When I wanted an escape from the responsibilities life threw at me, I would sink into a book.

But, I didn’t begin to enjoy reading until after my 5th grade year. When I was in the 7th grade I suddenly got it into my head that I could write better than some of those silly books that were out there and so began my love for writing. Shortly there after my folks split and my writing turned to a tool that I used to help me deal with all the heartaches and changes that were happening in my life.

When I reached my 12th grade year my creative writing teacher took an interest in my writings and encouraged me to submit an article to a devotional magazine. After much encouraging and help from him one article was submitted and was shortly there after accepted. That was my first paid for publication.

I have only had one other article accepted since then. You are wondering why? Well, as sad as this may sound I have learned that I am terrible at grammar and at catching my mistakes. Before I realized this, whenever someone pointed out a mistake in anything I would write I would get upset. Now, however, I gratefully accept others constructive criticism with open arms, a broad smile, and all kinds of eagerness.

Because of my eagerness to receive help with my writing projects I have been able to self-publish my first book, An Unexpected Adventure. It has been a fun ride. One I hope to continue with the many stories I have piling up.